DIY Christmas Wreath

I’ve been decorating my own wreaths the last few years and having so much fun with it!  Just when I thought my design from last year was pretty good, I found new ways to improve it.

For starters I’ve upped my bow game.  In the past I blindly made something I thought looked ok.  This year I wanted a tutorial on how to make a legit bow.  I followed this one and found it pretty easy to do.

I like to use boxwood wreaths for Christmas and through the winter but any type you choose will work.  Trader Joe’s sells these for $9.99!  I went to a farmer’s market last weekend and they were selling them for twice that.

I like to place the bow left of the bottom center and insert adornments above that.  Michael’s has a great selection of adornments and they are almost always on sale.  They were 60% off when I bought mine last weekend.  Be sure to check to check their website for coupons that you can use right from your mobile phone.

In addition to my own wreath, I decided to make one (see above) for my sister in-law and her family who live in Germany but own a home in my town.  They will be here for 2 weeks around Christmas.

I used a gold glitter wired ribbon I purchased from Costco.  I used adornments from Michael’s including jingle bells, fur puff balls, red pearlized berries, silver pine cone-like pieces, and a galvanized snowflake.  I love personalization so I added a fur monogram ornament as the initial for their last name.

Lastly, I looped wire LED light around the wreath and tucked the controller behind.  The beauty of these lights are, not only are they battery operated, but they have a timer that keeps them on for 6 hours, off for 18, and then repeats the cycle.  Many places carry these but I have purchased all of mine from Homegoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s.  They range in price from $5.99-9.99 and come in silver, copper, and gold wire.  Lights come in warm or cool white.  I have seen multi colored lights at other stores.

For mine I used plaid ribbon from Micheal’s.  Adornments include silver antlers, cream puff balls, jingle bells, gold pine cone-like pieces, and silver berries.  I believe I found my gold glitter initial at Michael’s last year but HERE is one from Pottery Barn and it’s on sale for $2!

I love how they turned out!  I wonder what I’ll find to top them next year. I’ll have to share some of other Christmas decor finds soon.  We are having a few people over this weekend so I’ve been busy getting our house Christmas ready.  It’s our first in our new house so it’s been fun figuring where to put everything and filling in the blanks.

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