Christmas Decor

This is our first Christmas in our new home!  I thought I had everything I needed until I set it out.  We have a little more space to fill plus it’s just fun to add to and update!  If you want/need to add a little more before the big day there is still time!  I’ve listed my sources below and I guarantee there is still cute decor to be had.

  • Stockings and holders – Pier 1 (a few years old)
  • Glitter initial ornaments – Michael’s (last year)
  • Greens – 2 swags from Trader Joe’s
  • Battery operated lights – Target
  • Reindeer – Pottery Barn
  • Lighted Birch Branches – Marshall’s
  • Santa w/copper hat – Homegoods
  • Tall tree – Homegoods
  • Small trees – Pottery Barn
  • Striped vase – Homegoods
  • Snow Globe – Marshall’s
  • Cinnamon Whisk – Trader Joe’s (add essential oil drops when scent fades)
  • Tree topper – Pottery Barn (last year)
  • Plaid pillow – TJ Maxx
  • Merry & Bright pillow cover – H&M Home (Australia)

I kept the Christmas decor simple in the kitchen and breakfast nook since they overlook the great room.  That’s my husband photo bombing making old fashions for our party a few weeks ago!

  • Birch candle holders – art show
  • Tree candles – Homegoods
  • Gold mercury glass bottles – Marshall’s
  • Pinecones – Michael’s
  • Cabbage roses – local farmer’s market
  • Mini Poinsettas – Trader Joe’s
  • Santa salt & pepper shakers – Homegoods

I keep forgetting about the mistletoe when I greet my guests!  Hugs only so far!

  • Mistletoe – Trader Joe’s
  • Reindeer – Homegoods
  • Swags – Trader Joes’s (I split 2 into 4 and made 2 additional bows)
  • Initial ornaments – Target
  • Glitter clothespins – Target

I married into a family with 2 children that have their own traditions and Christmas decorations that they are used to seeing in their dad’s home.  I have made an effort to keep those in the house and incorporate them into my decorating.  The tree in the great room is primarily filled with ornaments that existed before I came into the picture.

However, because we now have the room, I decided to put up a second tree this year that incorporates some of my current likes.  It’s funny how your tastes change.  The themes that I have used in the past (in my single days) are not at all appealing to me anymore!

  • Ornaments – Pier 1, Homegoods, Marshall’s, Target, gifts
  • Garland – Homegoods
  • Bow – art show
  • Large antlers – Homegoods
  • Small antlers – Michael’s
  • Runner – Homegoods
  • Napkin rings – Homegoods
  • Glitter jingle bells – TJ Maxx
  • Angel – Homegoods

I’m so looking forward to celebrating Christmas this year!  That has not always been the case.  I’ve definitely had some “scroogy” years when I was not where I wanted to be in my life.  Last year was a little unsettling since our new house was not ready as we had hoped and the home we were living in was still for sale.  I feel very blessed to have my health and happiness this year.  I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

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