Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him


Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away!  My husband and I don’t make a huge deal about it but we do celebrate.  Typically we’ll go out to dinner and exchange gifts.  This year he’ll be out of town for work but we’ll probably just celebrate the weekend before.  It’s better that way anyway since restaurants won’t be as crowded and we won’t be limited to pre fixe menus many have for high traffic days like this.

I’ve put a list together of gift ideas for the special man in your life.  Some of these I’ve already given as gifts that I know he likes, some are things he’s asked for, and others are just some fun creative ideas.

  1. Putting Green Mat

For the golfer who may want to practice his putting at home indoors.  It can be used on carpet or hardwood.  It doesn’t appear that it’s recommended for permanent outdoor use but it seems like you could use it on concrete.  We have the perfect spot for this in our basement!

2. HyperChiller

I have not tried this but it looks super cool, no pun 😉  It claims to chill the beverage of your choice in 60 seconds, including hot coffee!  Perfect for those drinks that you may not want to water down with ice.  Think wine (that’s what I’m thinking!), whiskey, pop/soda, coffee, water, etc!  This may be kind of gift for me too!

3. FitBit Alta

Todd wanted one of these for Christmas and Santa delivered!  It has a number of features but one that he was most interested in is tracking his sleeping patterns.  Of course it also tracks his physical activity and previews his text messages.  I purchased his from Costco in a size Large and it came with interchangeable black and blue bands that he does use.  It’s available in a variety of colors HERE for a great deal!

4. Knit Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets aren’t just in style for women!  I tend to steer away from picking out clothes for my man.  He’s very particular and rarely likes anything I choose.  Last year I tried to get him on board with the joggers trend and it was a no go!  I even tried a few different styles.  It just wasn’t for him.  So, I made sure to run this gift idea for my post by him to see if it’s something he would wear.  He said he would!  He asked me to buy him one.  These are just IDEAS Todd!  I have to leave a little suspense 🙂  THIS one also comes in black.  There are many different types including styles that are considered outerwear.

5. Nike Cortez Sneakers

While old school Adidas is certainly having a big moment for men, women, and children, these Nike Cortez sneakers are also making a comeback.  My 20 year old step son asked for a pair for Christmas.  When Todd and I went shopping for them he was contemplating getting a pair for himself as well.  He told me when they were in style when he was a kid that he always wanted a pair but couldn’t afford them.  Well he can certainly afford them now especially at THIS killer sale price!  He got super excited when he saw these made my list. They come in several colors.


6. Zafu Meditation Cushion

I’ll be honest, this gift may not be for everyone.  But, Todd has been talking about wanting to get into a meditation practice to start his day.  I know he’s done it a few times since the new year but I’m not sure that he’s in a regular routine yet.  I thought by creating a specific space where he can go and be comfortable might support his goals.  THIS cushion comes in other patterns and you can find others in solid colors and prints to suit his/your decor.

7. PowerBeats 2

This is another gift Todd had requested for Christmas and received.  They are wireless headphones that not only can be used for music, video, etc, but also for phone use.  He spends a good amount of his work day on the phone and has used an earpiece as long as I have known him.  Being hands-free and cord-free is convenient but now he has good quality sound in both ears.  The cord that you see hangs behind your neck.  They come in other colors and are on sale HERE.

8. Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set

If your man drinks whiskey, this is a beautiful set to display and serve it in.  Todd likes to have a glass once in awhile and this would be a gorgeous piece in our home.  I discovered it a few days ago while researching housewarming gifts on the Nordstrom website for a friend and immediately thought this would be a a great gift and look stunning in our home.  It has since sold out there but I found it for you HERE!  If you don’t know, copper is on trend and huge favorite of mine!  Ok is this another gift for me? Ha!  I don’t drink whiskey but if it’s going to be in my house I’d prefer it be displayed in this beauty!

Whatever you decide, remember it’s the thought that counts right?  Don’t stress yourself out.  If you aren’t a risk taker, play it safe.  He’ll love you just the same!  XO

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