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Lipsense Bombshell Lip Color // H&M Dress // Levi’s Vest // Sugarfix by BaubleBar Earrings // Canvas Choker, similar HERE

If you have been intrigued about Lipsense lip color you are not the only one!  I first learned about it in January when a former coworker of mine invited me to a Facebook party.  Since then I have been invited to two more FB parties.

Lipsense is made by Senegence which sells an array of skincare and beauty products but this long wear lip color seems to be their flagship product.  Sure there are other long wear lip products on the market but I’ve never come across one that truly lives up to it’s claim.  Lipsense boasts that you be left with lasting color for up to 18 hours!

Of the 36 colors offered I was initially drawn to the nude/natural colors since that is typically what I wear.  But, I think that I would wear a bold lip more often knowing that it would stay put.

After watching and learning from these parties for several months, I finally decided to give it a try.  I started with a “safe” color which is pictured above, Bombshell.  There were a few neutrals I was debating between.  Supposedly this one is Jennifer Anniston’s favorite and hey if it’s good enough Jen….haha!

I also chose one on the other end of the spectrum, a bold red!  I thought that would be a true test to see if it really stays on and doesn’t end up all over every mug, spoon, and straw I put my lips on.  I’m going to show that one in another post but, spoiler alert – it really works!!

Back to Bombshell.  It is the prettiest soft peach with a subtle hint of shimmer.  It is so me and I will definitely be wearing it regularly.

Application is important.  Start with clean dry lips.  I’ve actually found it’s best to apply the color before putting any lotion or foundation on.  Then apply one thin coat swiping the wand in one direction and do not let lips touch.  Let it dry for 10-15 seconds before applying a second coat.  Dry and apply a third.  Once dry apply a Lipsense gloss (I used the clear glossy) and then lips are good to go!

The first few times I used it I did experience a slight tingling when applying the color but it quickly went away especially after applying the gloss.  It’s important to reapply the gloss throughout the day to protect the color and moisturize.  The gloss contains goodies for your lips like shea butter.

I’m a huge fan of this color and think I’m going to have to spring for a few more in this color family!  I love that there are also different gloss options to change up the look like matte, glitter, opal, etc.

If you’re not “wowed” yet, just wait until you see the red!!

For more information and to order please visit HERE to see what colors my friend, Abby, has available.   (Lipsense must be ordered through a Distributor.)  Simply comment on the “available colors” and “available glosses” posts to reserve your color(s) and she’ll follow up with ordering information.

If for some reason you don’t like the product or the color, just send it back for a refund or another color.  What do you have to lose?

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions stated in this post are completely my own.

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