Sleeveless Jersey Dress / Gladiator Sandals

H&M Dress // Mossimo Sandals // Stella & Dot Necklace, similar HERE // Stella & Dot Choker // LipSense Kiss for a Cause // Fitbit Blaze // Fitbit Rose Gold Band // Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Handbag // Ray-Ban Sunglasses

I wear muscle tees on the regular so finding one in a dress version was a must buy for me!  This sleeveless jersey dress also comes in gray and is less than $13!  It’s soft and a great piece to have on hand for running around in.  It would super cute with sneakers and I could see dressing it up a bit more with some wedges as well.

I have a great pair of knee high gladiator sandals that I love but this ankle high rock stud version was just too cute to pass up!  They are almost a perfect dupe for a pair Valentino makes!  I have to say they are pretty comfortable and great quality.  It is an extra step to have to buckle and unbuckle the top two buckles but totally worth it.  (I don’t need to mess with the bottom buckle when taking on and off).  They also come in black and white.  I’ve already been wearing these on repeat in the few short days that I’ve owned them!

To give a pop of summer color I wore this pink tassel necklace.  It’s no longer available but HERE is something similar.

Lastly, I could not wait to get my hands on this lip color once it was restocked!  It’s so so pretty.  It’s made by LipSense and the color is Kiss for a Cause.  I have one left so click HERE to order or message me.  I may be able to get more if there is interest.

I hope you are having a great weekend! Funeral, grad party, golf, fun with friends, and birthday parties over here.

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One Shoulder Ruffle Dress

Cloth & Stone Dress, similar HERE // Tory Burch Flip Flops // Similar Handbag // Cara Earrings, similar HERE // Stella & Dot Choker // Lipsense Blu-Red Lip // Tom Ford Sunglasses

It’s been awhile since I’ve rocked a one shoulder dress but this ruffle version in white caught my eye.  It’s definitely one of those pieces that can be dressed up or down.  I found this one recently at TJ Maxx.  They often carry Cloth & Stone items which I’m a huge fan of.  HERE is a similar one shoulder ruffle dress.

I kept it comfortable with my Tory Burch Miller Flip Flops in the color Makeup.  You can never have enough nude shoes.  They go with everything!

I randomly found these Cara earrings at Nordstrom Rack last week and have already gotten so many compliments on them.  They were $12.99! They aren’t available on their website but HERE is a similar pair.

I’m so happy to be able to wear a red lip without worrying about it getting all over my teeth and glasses.  This gorgeous red is Blu-Red.  If you didn’t see my announcement last week, I decided to become a distributor for Senengence.  Their premiere product is LipSense, a pharmaceutical-grade cosmetic product with pure pigments and natural botanicals. It’s the best blend of science and nature. LipSense is gluten-free, vegan, kosher, non-GMO, contains no lead and no animal by-products. SeneGence uses the highest quality ingredients and is made in the USA. Waterproof, smudge proof, kiss proof and lasts up to 18 hours!! Check out my first shipment of colors HERE and join the group to get updates on future products available.

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Pompom Hat // Boho top

Free People Top, also HERE // Rag & Bone Shorts // Birkenstock Sandals // Sugarfix by Bauble Bar Earrings // Rebecca Minkoff Handbag // BCBG Hat // FitBit Blaze // FitBit Rose Gold Band // Similar Sunglasses

This boho top is another one of my scores from TJ Maxx last week.  Don’t worry I found it HERE and HERE for you!  I love everything about it from the asymmetrical shoulder straps to the blush bead embellishment.  I have to admit I thought the straps were a stitching flaw when I first noticed but quickly realized it’s supposed to be that way.  So unique!  It’s so flowy and lightweight for these hot summer days.  I have mine positioned to just graze the top of my shorts but you can adjust it up or down.  I’m wearing an XS for reference.

Have you tried Poshmark yet?  It’s a great tool to buy and sell new or used items.  I’ve bought and sold quite a few things since I joined including these Rag & Bone Destroyed Denim Shorts.  I mean you can pay full retail price HERE but I got these for $20 (used) on Poshmark!  They are a size bigger than I normally wear in their jeans but I like my shorts a little bigger for more length.

These Birks!!  I’ve been wearing them nonstop since the cold temps went bye bye.  So comfy and I just love the look.

Could this pompom hat BE any cuter (Chandler Bing reference for you Friends fans 😉 ) ?  I can’t get enough pompoms in my life and I’ve been making more of an effort to wear hats more often to protect my face from the sun.  Today’s goal was to cover as much of my humidity soaked hair!  Nothing like blowing out your hair and then rain and humidity striking hours later.  I’m not mad though.  The rain saved me from having to water my landscaping!

I was lucky enough to see U2 in LA last month.  This week they added Detroit to their tour and guess who got tickets?? I’m so pumped and kind of water to go to a concert every other week.  Why didn’t I plan to go to a festival this year?

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Ruffle Striped Jumpsuit

H&M Jumpsuit, similar HERE, HERE, and HERE // Sugarfix by BaubleBar Earrings // Similar Shoes // Similar Clutch // Fitbit Blaze // Fitbit Band // Stella & Dot Bracelet

Dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits make putting a look together so easy!  Simply add accessories and you’re good to go.  I found this ruffle striped romper recently at my local H&M.  It’s not available online currently but HERE is another ruffled cutie.  One thing I love about the one I have is the ankle length and on trend high waist.  HERE is another that fits that bill.  THIS one is beyond cute with seersucker, ruffles and a high waist.

I wanted some height with this one so I wore some nude stilettos with rose gold.  HERE is something similar.

These white ball drop earrings are from my current favorite accessory collection.  They come in other colors as well.

If you saw my Insta Story today, you know I ran to TJ Maxx to get some pink Himalayan salt crystals. I know it seems like an odd place to get them but they always have a decent selection and for great prices.  TJ’s was killing it today!  Big surprise but I left with a few more things than salt crystals! I can’t wait to share them all with you.

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Gingham Off the Shoulder Dress

H&M Dress, similar HERE and HERE // Converse Sneakers // Rebecca Minkoff Backpack // Similar Earrings // Betsey Johnson Sunglasses

There are certain prints I gravitate toward and gingham is one of them!  Even my husband does.  I think he has every possible color in his button down gingham shirt “collection”!  The good news is it’s super on trend this summer.

I spotted this darling black gingham off the shoulder dress on sale for $20 at H&M a few weeks ago in store.  It doesn’t appear to be available online but HERE and HERE are some similar options.

I love the feminine vibe of the dress but I decided to keep the look semi casual by adding my black Chucks.  I have several pairs and I can’t foresee a time when they won’t be in my wardrobe.  I’ve also worn this with black block heeled booties to make it slightly dressier but still summer casual.

To keep the look fresh and fun I added these turquoise tassel earrings.  I just love the pop of color.  HERE are a similar pair.

I’ve gotten so much use out of my Rebecca Minkoff backpack since I purchased it this spring.  It’s especially come in handy now that the weather has warmed and I’ve started riding my bike around town.

On another note, I finally got my hands on a couple of the Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Pizza Crusts!  If you haven’t heard about them, they were promoted on the Today Show and since then they have been flying off the shelves.  Being a TJ’s regular, the managers know me and one of them told me that stores are only being allotted two cases at a time.  Today was my lucky day finding them in stock for the first time.  I made a margherita pizza tonight.  It was definitely delicious but I did have an incident flipping the crust!

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Lipsense Blu-Red

If you read my post from yesterday you know that I’m in love with a recent discovery, Lipsense!  I have been somewhat of a neutral lip girl for awhile but once in awhile I’ll get “crazy” and add a pop of color.  I love the idea of it but it is a little shocking to see myself that way since it is not my usual look.  I would love to add color in more regularly but part of my hesitation has been that it gets all over everything and doesn’t stay put.

Enter Lipsense!  I knew I had to have one of their neutral colors but I also knew that if I really wanted to put it’s long wearing claims to the test that I would need something more bold.  So, I went to the opposite extreme and chose Blue-Red.  It’s a cool tone with a matte finish.  If you wanted to keep the matte finish you would need the Lipsense Matte Gloss but since I already had the Lipsense Glossy Gloss I amped up the look with that. (You do need a Lipsense Gloss to wear with the color to seal it and moisturize).

I’ll always be honest with you when I give reviews.  Applying the red color took a little more time that a natural color, like Bombshell, to assure that I colored the proper shape of my lips.  I think I did pretty good my first time but each time I’ve applied since I’ve gotten better.  Practice makes perfect right?  (Review the Lipsense application steps HERE).

I actually found some helpful tips on by typing in “Lipsense Application Red”.  One is to lightly line the outer edge of your lips before you fill with the color.  As with all colors you also water to make sure that each layer you apply is thin.

Another tip I found by searching “lipsense waterline” on was to make sure your lips and your waterline are completely dry before applying color.

In addition to the color and gloss, it’s recommended that you purchase the Oops Remover.  Is this necessary?  I would say you could get away with soap and water or coconut oil to remove neutral or softer colors but for a bold color, like this red, the Oops Remover is nice to have.  Not only can you touch up mistakes but it just makes removal a cinch.  Just be sure to pay attention to which tube you are grabbing.  The first time I wore the red I accidentally grabbed the remover instead of the gloss!  Do over!

Now to put it’s staying power to the test!  Once all three layers of the color have dried and you’ve glossed, it is immediately smudge proof!  I put mine on this morning around 8:00 am and the first thing I grabbed was some coffee and made breakfast.

Lipsense Blu-Red // Onzie Tank, similar HERE // F21 Duster, similar HERE // Stella & Dot Necklace // Betsey Johnson Earrings, similar HERE, Fitbit Blaze // Fitbit Blaze Rose Gold Band // Lululemon Bra, similar HERE

Girls!  Nothing.  There is no trace of color on the mug!  The only thing that transferred is a bit of the clear gloss.  Amazing!  No color transferred to my avocado toast or hard boiled egg.  Everything looks exactly as it did when I applied the color.  To keep this trend rocking throughout the day it’s important to reapply the gloss, especially before and after meals.

This is at 11:30 am after an hour long Pilates workout.  Still looking good but you know I had to reapply my clear gloss after drinking a bottle of water!

This is me after a full day (12 hours) of working out, eating 3 meals including a smoothie, making a run to Ulta and Costco (and yes I ate some samples….don’t judge haha!), hanging outdoor curtains, and cleaning the pool. My hair might be messy but my lips still look good!

I’m totally sold on this long wearing lip color (not a stain) that molecularly bonds to your lips.  Everyone’s body chemistry is different so you may get a little more or a little less than the “up to 18 hours” many women experience.  For me it has definitely lasted longer.  I have woken up the next day with a perfect red lip still in place.  I’d take a pic for you but you do not want to see me first thing in the morning! Well maybe I’ll crop out the rest of my head and share it with you on Insta Stories haha!

Not only is this lip color kiss proof, smudge proof, and water proof, it’s lead free, wax free, gluten free, GMO free, cruelty free, and made in the U.S.  Oh and if you’re concerned about protecting your lips from the sun like I am, worry no more!  Lipsense creates a mechanical shield that protects your lips from UV rays better than SPF.  Perfect!

For more information and to order please visit HERE to see what colors my friend, Abby, has available.   (Lipsense must be ordered through a Distributor.)  Simply comment on the “available colors” and “available glosses” posts to reserve your color(s) and she’ll follow up with ordering information.

Oh and there’s a 100% money back guarantee!  If you don’t like the product or the color, just send it back for a refund or another color.  Risk free!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions stated in this post are completely my own.