Up your Selfie Game with Whiter Teeth

I never thought I’d be a selfie taker.  I mean who looks good that close? I’ve learned a few tips to make mine a little less scary.  Angles and lighting are important but so are white teeth!

I’ve tried whitening strips before but it’s been years since I’ve used them.  They definitely worked but I could only use them once in awhile because they made my teeth super sensitive.  I wouldn’t say I normally have sensitive teeth.

I don’t smoke or drink pop/soda but I do drink a cup of coffee everyday.  As a result I didn’t think my teeth were terribly discolored but they definitely had a little yellowing especially between my bottom teeth.  Full disclosure, my toothpaste claims to be “whitening” which probably helps a tad.  But, given all of the photos I take, I thought it was time to give another whitening system a try and see if I could brighten my smile a little more.

My before photo:

I decided to try the TruWhite Advanced Plus 3 Whitening System.  It’s a three part system that requires 24 minutes to work it’s magic.

The first step requires uncapping the first pen and twisting until you see the blue gel, a pre whitening non peroxide whitener, out of the brush.  Next, apply by brushing a thin layer onto each individual tooth.

Next insert the LED device provided into your mouth, press the power button (requires 2 AA batteries – not included), and set your timer for 8 minutes.

Step 2 is pretty much the same as step one but uses the appropriate pen that includes the peroxide whitener.  The directions indicated that you could feel a tingling sensation during this step which is normal and is the product doing its job.  I didn’t really feel much of anything even though I anticipated I might given my history with other teeth whitening products.

Use the last pen for step 3 which contains an enamel booster.

These are my results after one treatment.  They seemed a little brighter but still had a slight yellowing.

The directions state that for maximum results to repeat the procedure.  I gave it another try.  There was a heads up that the tingling sensation that could be felt in step 2 could be more intense the second time around.  I still didn’t really experience sensitivity the second go.  My teeth were definitely whiter after.

To achieve maximum whitening it’s recommended to repeat the procedure on consecutive days or when it’s convenient.  I’m pretty happy with the results and will probably just repeat as needed.

Truewhite products are available HERE for an amazing savings!

I know I shouldn’t be surprised but it still blows my mind that my lip color (2x Goddess and 1x Pink Champagne LipSense) doesn’t budge even after doing something like this teeth whitening treatment!  Look not even a smudge on the mouthpiece!

Shop the look:

*  This post was sponsored by Florence Ave.  The opinions stated are completely my own.

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