Piece of Me


Oh hi!  Meet the extroverted introvert.  Indecisive yet decisive.  Wife.  Sister.  Daughter.  Aunt.  Step Mother.  Rule follower.  Foodie.  Fitness lover.  Fashion, Hair, and Makeup junkie.  Accessory addict.  Travel seeker.  House evolver.  DIYer.  Spartan.  Judy Lynn Rotger.

I’ve been inspired by so many people, places, photos, etc to help mold the vision for my life, style, décor, travel, food choices, and more to find the balance and harmony that this Libra craves.  It’s a work in progress and ever changing.  We can all do better and I’m continually looking for ways to improve…..PEACE by PIECE.

This blog is a way for me to “pay it forward” in a sense.  I find great joy in discovering that new and perfect {fill in the blank}, especially when it’s a DEAL!  Whenever I’m asked where I got “it” or how I made “it”, I’m beyond excited to share!  This is a place for me to divulge my finds, how tos and lessons learned.  I hope it sparks your interest and moves you to spread my inspiration to others.